“Our Beginning in Egypt”

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In mid-Feb. i met Ezra (an ABU street pastor) and his partial convert Mustapha in Uganda. I finished Ezra’s work by leading Mustapha straight to a relationship with Jesus and away from the questions and knowledge route they could not seem to get off of ! They told me of a man running a Christian… Read more »

Our Jacket and Blanket Delivery

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Hello mum, Glory be to God that am finally back and safe in Sudan after my trip to Nigeria. How I wish you had been there to see the smiles on their faces. The very day we were giving out the blankets and jackets it rained heavily, and all the kids were feeling very cold,… Read more »


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Hello dear mother, It’s a pleasure to write to you. Though i was unable to move around the street preaching, I thank God for the courage and strength he has given me! I was able to: preach at the hospital, pray for the sick and cry for God’s blessings upon our African kids who are… Read more »

We Need Cell Phone Fundraisers !

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This is a call going out to you who are unable to directly donate, yet are able to  throw a party, or engage your church or youth group or civic group ! We are in desperate need for cell phones for our x-ISIS recruits being sent out everywhere in Africa and Syria – Iraq. In… Read more »

Business Proposal for the street kids of Active Blessing Uganda.

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Cell Phone Repair  …. CONTENTS: Part 1: Reasons for this business: Part 2: Training while Working Part 3. Start-up Costs Part 4.  The Money Plan for the Expansion of the Training to Many Cities Capital  $1,150; Averagedailyprofits per person $8:Street Kids: 50 selected trainees for starting   Part 1: Reasons for this business: Almost 80℅… Read more »


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Dear my people of Toroma county, The 2016 Member of Parliament election offers us all an opportunity to choose progress. As a new face in the politics of the Member of Parliament in Toroma County, I breathe new life into our beloved county. The 21st century is upon us and with it, comes new challenges… Read more »

Meeting the president

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Nov. 8th Burundi Hi mom, thank you for the rescue money. The police came in time and transported us to safety. They took us up to Bujumbura but something again happened. I found that my police friend had already notified the ministry of defense on what was going on, so the army was organized in… Read more »

A Letter from Inside a Terrorist Training Camp

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Praise God. I am Omar in Kenya. The street pastor who was working with Julius and Ivan. I am writing from the worst situation ever because only death is what I breathe each day that passes by. Right now i am in the hands of the Al.S after i separated from Ivan when we were… Read more »

The Ladder Of Evil Revealed

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“The Ladder of Evil Revealed” my first book, (available in paper and kindle on amazon) has been translated into Urdu for the country of Pakistan.  My translator is eager to publish quickly since the bombings of two churches in his city of Lahore. There has been a huge social media outcry for the victim’s help,… Read more »

God’s Mighty Power to Transform‏

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Greetings in Jesus! Today I am asking for your financial help in a new endeavor happening right now from seeds sown in previous times. You never know what can come from your scattered seed (the gospel of Jesus Christ). Please continue to scatter your seed with the opportunities given to you. Be Faithful. Our Setting:… Read more »