The Ladder Of Evil Revealed

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“The Ladder of Evil Revealed” my first book, (available in paper and kindle on amazon) has been translated into Urdu for the country of Pakistan.  My translator is eager to publish quickly since the bombings of two churches in his city of Lahore. There has been a huge social media outcry for the victim’s help,… Read more »


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LESSONS FROM THE FIRE   THE BURN   Recently, instead of doing my work in the office, I have been doing my ministry work on my laptop, sitting by the fire, as it generally falls to me to “keep the fire going.” I pull my chair up close to enjoy its’ warmth, when I am… Read more »

Something Beautiful from our Glorious Past…..

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  A Hymn Of Beauty As I was practicing this great old hymn for church tomorrow, I stopped to study the words. I was swept away in the majesty of the greatness of His Glory, and for all of the reasons contained therein to give Him praise.   Tomorrow, I will play this on an… Read more »

Arusha’s Street Kids

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From Arusha Tanzania: Hello my wonderful friends and supporters: Our work: To bring the good news of Jesus Christ to Street Kids, everywhere we are able to do it! I am currently working in East Africa, establishing and helping people who are doing and starting Active Blessing street kid work. Julius Madoba and I have… Read more »

A Short Teaching on God’s Path to Peace from Isaiah 2:1-5

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GOD’S PATH TO PEACE… on earth As offered to the world from your GOD, and your KING Jesus Christ. Written by Isaiah Chapter 2:1-5 1. Jehovah’s House is FIRST ESTABLISHED AND EXALTED FULFILLING ITS’ PURPOSE  And it shall come to pass in the latter days, that the mountain of Jehovah’s house shall be established on the top… Read more »

Street Kid Surprise — in Kisii, Kenya

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Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day in Kisii, Kenya. I awoke to the 5:00am birds tweeting the sweetest songs, and later the roosters, followed by the singing cows! There was no mosque call to prayer, just nature’s call to prayer. Amen. Such loveliness.   After a nice breakfast of chapati and fresh milk, Julius and I headed to… Read more »

My First Day in Uganda !!

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Hello friends, MY ARRIVAL IN UGANDA Travel: I successfully rode for 13.5 hours in the back of an Ethiopian flight with 4 screaming toddlers,. I arrived in Addis Abba for our connecting flight to find it delayed for four hours.  After boarding, they announced that we were going to Rwanda first, with no reason given…. Read more »

Life’s Purpose

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Hybrid Rose “Secret”           The Secret Place   Excerpt from His book “The Secret Place” By Dale Fife       The very next day , as walked together, the Lord began to instruct me regarding life’s purpose.   “Today I want to speak to you about the purpose of life,” … Read more »