Let’s Be an Active Blessing

What We Do

  • We preach and pastor street kids throughout Africa and beyond, bringing them a hope and a future.
  • We rescue abducted street children from traffickers, rebel groups, witch doctors, terror networks .
  • We return them to their countries and provide them with medical care when able.
  • We preach and pastor the enemies of street kids … also bringing to them the transformation of Jesus Christ.
  • We help African governments with peace processes.

What You Can Do



  • Pray for our street pastors and their work.
  • Pray for street kids to receive the good news of Jesus, in every country
  • Pray for successful rescues and plenty of funds.
  • Fire Revival Prayer (street kids prayer site) LIKE US and PRAY: facebook.com/PrayerTime


Participate and Raise Funds

  • Get Active !


  • Raise $400 Campaign
  • Advocate for Active Blessing on social networking platforms, in your church and with friends and family.

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Melchizedek’s Treasure Ltd (trading as Active Blessing)

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