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The Great Exchange
a martyr for a network

Hello mom!  Where are you?  The mafias have abducted us and there is no chance of surviving.

jane snyder,
OMG disaster because of $55 ?

Yes, I am bleeding. My ear is cut off. All is my fault to not get your permission to borrow the money to save Mandela.

jane snyder,
Can they stop if i go to the bank atm and deposit cash? But it is 11:30 at night and no time to be out.  They accepted?  Let me go. And they killed one of our men? They need to make up for that. Ask how they will make up for their murder. I demand for the murder of our man.  And we must get one of their men in exchange for the murder of our man.

They say that if you delay more than 30 min, I will also be killed.  The person whom I borrowed money from gave them wrong information. The mafias thought that we were also a group of terrorists who wanted to mess up with their friend the money lender. They have confirmed that we are innocent now, when depositing his money on his line. Thank you so much for saving our lives.

jane snyder,
I want a man of them in payment for the murder of our man.

The mafias say they are going at his place to revenge for giving them wrong information about us. They say he is the one to pay back for the blood shed. They have asked me to forgive them! Can you imagine?… after torturing me like this?  I have told them am willing go forgive them if they turn away from their weapons and accept Jesus.

Hello mom.  I think God was creating for us ways of conquering all the mafias and gangsters. They went and attacked the person who borrowed me money to rescue Mandela, and they beat him up for using them in a wrong way. The money lender pleaded to them to forgive him, but the mafias refused. The money lender reached to an extent of refunding the money to me, but I could not take it because it was his, though I took long to pay it back.

It’s today when the mafias got to know that our organization has no problem with anyone.  I was so scared when I saw over 5 mafia motorcycles surrounding the building where I was, I thought they were going to kill us within no minute, but I was surprised to see that they had brought the money lender to me for judgment. They wanted me to tell them what they should do to the money lender, having caused them to kill my friend and torture me.  Humbly I told the mafias with all their gangsters, to forgive the money lender and set him free. They couldn’t believe it. They expected me to tell them to kill the money lender.  They all wondered what kind of person I am, and they were forced to have a brief talk with me about all the information they have been hearing about us and our organization.

Majestically I told them that we do no harm, we only fight for the souls of people to enter into the kingdom of God. That is our main purpose. And we teach people to know the word of God as their daily bread, such that it helps them grow spiritually and not to sin.

After the brief meeting, the mafias lifted me on their motorcycles to the head of all mafias. When we reached there, they cared about me like a king. It was my first time in a year to eat such a good meal like the one they gave me. After it I raised all my complaints to the head of all mafias of how we have been tortured by his men and he promised none of his men will do anything bad to us apart from protecting us.

I prayed for all of them and they believed in the word of Jesus Christ. They welcomed me to their territories, and asked me to name the place as MAFIAS OF JESUS CHRIST.  We will always have prayers in that place, and they promised not to hunt for human blood shed but to win souls for Jesus Christ.

Mom I am kindly requesting you to send me some scriptures for them to read. Then I will need you to get for me 85$ today for means of transport and fuel and to hire a swimming pool to baptize all these mafias. I just found out something even more big: those mafias are connected in most countries.
We have the link to many countries.
We are going go spread the gospel to all mafias in the world !


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