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Independence Day


The Lord said to us on this Independence Day morning, “Good morning on your celebration day. What are you celebrating? Are you celebrating that you are abundantly blessed and you live in a country where that is possible?”
We took time to reflect on all God has done in and for our nation. We are so blessed by the diversity of people He has brought to our shores. It would be pretty boring not to have spaghetti and pizza, tacos, Chinese food, etc. Or not to have the beautiful traditions of the different cultures, even their expressions of Christianity.
Forgive us, Father, for thinking our cultural background or ethnicity is superior to someone else’s. Thank You for making the Bride of Christ so beautiful in its different flavors; that Christ and Him crucified is our foundation which knits us together.
Forgive us as a nation for complaining, blaming and being dissatisfied. Thank You for the trials and tribulations our nation has overcome in Your name and with Your help.

Continue to bless our nation, our government and the President. Bring us into a greater place of gratitude and seeing Your hand usher us into our destiny. Help us love You more, love our neighbors, be grateful, and see the positive above the negative. Thank You for the blood of Jesus, our salvation, our nation and our freedom.

Randy & Barbara Walter
Shiloh Ministries
Chesapeake Revival Prayer Network