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Mount Nur, Mecca

Needed: The Head of Mustapha

Madam, I was one of the Muslim leader in mecca who used to get kids and innocent people for slave trade, and others where sold in China for prostitution, that’s by the time I was not yet converted by Mustapha. My life was full of evil acts.  One day I was sent to kill Mustapha and his team, but on the day I was to kill him I found him praying.  I told him to say his last words on the earth because I thought that it was his last breath. But from nowhere my heart changed as I suddenly realized that what I am doing is not good. I had to change the plan of killing him. We where in one of the housewares. So after my heart getting too weak to kill him. i told my soldiers to get out. That’s when Mustapha started preaching for me the word of God.

At first it was had for me to tell my team what was going on because they expected me to come back with the head of mustapha in my hands.  Immediately I ordered for a meeting in order to tell them that I had converted. So my boss Hussein called me asking if I have killed Mustapha but I couldn’t pick up his calls. My team members where 96. So one of the soldiers went and told my boss that I have converted. He ordered for my death and sent 200 soldiers to kill me and my whole team. Madam Jane, we had to fight them and 30 soldiers on my team where killed. I remained with 76 soldiers after destroying the Hussein team.  And I thank God that the remaining members of my team accepted just and I converted them.

I go preaching the word of God in mecca, and this week I converted 150muslims and right now I fight to stop slave trade, child trafficking  and prostitution… to fight the evil acts of terrorism… and raping of young girls.  I want to make sure that I change mecca to Jesus Christ. In all need your prayers and help as soon as I call for it… because the Muslims are not easy and they are bad hearted.
Love dear, and it’s my pleasure to do God’s hands work.
Madam Jane God bless you.

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