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Gaza City Palestine
The Children of Gaza City Palestine

Gen. Isma:
Mom Jane, I am glad for working with you in this organization (AB). We have been officially welcomed here, and given our ID’s. Am here to tell you that things are going on well. I am preaching the word of God to the people in Gaza City. But mom, I come into your presence telling that I have a number of my converts. And these converts are sweet souls of God: street kids and orphans. Here I am asking for your help honey.

I wish, mom Jane, if you can find me $130 and I get for them Bibles, Books, clothes and so much more. I rent for them a place where their are going to be placing their things and for bible studying mom. I hope to here from you soon. But I need your help for these souls of God, because they’re in bad situation mom. Try to have mercy.





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