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This is a small snapshot of our work in the past week:

Mum, I have converted about 1,000 terrorists now in this camp. We have big change. plz help get me the $85 today and we shut down this camp mum. plz save us and save the world.  david prayer team egypt

Jane, We are done with Syria. There were 3520 kids rescued and 3 weapon factories closed down. My soldiers got injuries but none of them died.
Thanks jane.  Israel Ministry

Uganda – Report by Emmanuel Wanda
Hello mom, Today I have a lot to share, God has done much and many miracles happened. I have visited these Northern Ugandan refugee camps namely:

  • achol-pii refugee settlement,
  • bidi bidi refugee settlement,
  • imvepi refugee settlement,
  • kiryandongo refugee settlement,
  • kyaka 11 refugee settlement,
  • kyangwali refugee settlement,
  • nakivale refugee settlement,
  • nyumanzi refugee settlement,
  • oruchinga refugee settlement,
  • pagirinya refugee settlement,
    Pagirinya refugee settlement,
  • rhino camp refugee settlement,
  • rwamwanja refugee settlement.

But there is much need for us to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Millions of refugees have no homes. They are troubled everyday by an uncountable number of diseases whereby there is no enough medical assistance. The only answer to their lives, the protector and provider is Jesus.
61 percent of the refugees are children under the age of 18 years and 82 percent are women and children and over 2million refugees are from South Sudan.

We have a very big task in all these refugee camps to let them know Jesus, for He is the only one who can resettle their lives and provide all they need.
Many refugees have lost their beloved ones due to floods, landslides and wars. This is a psychological torture whenever they remember the life, and love that they used to have.

I have been able to cry out many prayer meetings, crusades, counseling and guidance, but it has been a very big challenge to me and my team. We have tried our best but we need some financial support for our ministry to be successful honey.

Currently we have over 700,000 converts in these camps!

We need clean water for these refugees very urgently, due to the rampant growth of the number in the camps, this has hindered their health because:

  • there is no proper disposal of garbage and human feaces since its raining season, this has promoted water born diseases that are so dangerous to human life,
  • ebbola is one of the diseases and it has claimed a number of people.
  • We have been linked to the channel of clean water filters that purifies water up-to 99.9 and it’s very safe for anyone who drinks it.
  • We still have the ongoing crusades and we need much financial support here,  we were able to get the stage(pulpit)and the music system for preaching but we need fuel for generators that provide power and also fuel to transport our musical and stage equipments from one refugee camp to another.
  • We need over 600 reusable pads for girls in each refugee camp. These pads are long lasting and can be used for many years any they are very cheap.
  • We also have a baptism ministry that has started and we need some financing here.


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