In the decade since the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, more than 2 million children have been killed and more than 6 million injured or disabled in armed conflicts. 15 million children have been displaced within their countries or made refugees. Presently, 300,000 children are fighting someone else’s war.

Of the 22 million people who have died of AIDS, 4.5 million of them have been children. If trends continue in South Africa, fifty-percent of the teenage girls who are fifteen years old now, will be dead of AIDS in ten years.

Written by Speter

In certain tribes of Uganda when a man wants to become rich, a child must be brought to the witch doctor for human sacrifice. Street kids are always sacrificed for ritual purposes since they can easily be deceived by promising anything to them. One of our kids drew this picture of a street kid’s biggest fear.

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They are often beaten by just regular people for no reason, by accusing that they are rebels or thieves which of course is not true, but coz none will listen to them and they have no one to stand up for them, they are just beaten to death.

Many die due to constant sickness without treatment, unclean food, unclean drinking water causing typhoid, etc. Their own unclean living conditions cause death. Just last week one of my kids died from starvation. It was a horrible situation to me as I could not help him. I felt so helpless and terrible.

Some are hit on the street by vehicles, and if they are just injured, the people who knocked them are always let to go unpunished. Sometimes they are just left to die.

At times due to the harsh conditions they live in, they take drugs to forget about the cold and hunger, but it always leads to addiction which results in the death of some.

I thought you should read the raw trauma of street kid work and see the anger and grief that has to be worked through when PREVENTABLE death happens. A former street pastor tells the next story. This is one of poisoning and it is true in every city. I have many reports of it.

I remember one day in the beginning of last year, my best friend was poisoned, and unto now we are not sure of the person who did it. He came back to the corridor where we used to sleep by around 7pm.  He found me and other friends chatting. When he reached, he only mentioned 5 words till when he died; “Please  help me, my stomach.”

He fell on me and started vomiting blood, while crying and saying, “Help me my stomach.“ I felt the pain he was having, so I and a kid carried him and we ran with him as fast as we could to the nearest clinic so that they may save him by treating him immediately. When we reached there, the doctor asked us to pay 70,000 cash before he can start treating him. We didn’t have even just 100. I pleaded while crying tears but they refused completely. I told them that we are street kids who can’t even afford to buy food because we are too poor, but at least we deserve to live so they should help us. But mom, they refused.

Then the doctor called on the watchman to force us out. The watchman chased us and even slapped me. We all stared crying. Patrick started vomiting blood again and became very weak. He could not even breathe again. There was nothing else we could do other than go back where we used to sleep. Patrick could just say, “God , G……………..O………….D.” No one was willing to help save his life.

When we reached where we used to sleep, I sat down and made him lie on

my arms. It was now around 10pm.  He felt like vomiting but could not because the pain was too much  HE DIED PAINFULLY IN MY ARMS…..I SAW WHEN HE WAS DYING SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.

He died because: he was poisoned, and we didn’t have any money to pay

his medical bills and because the doctor refused to treat him for free and just chased us because we are street kids.

We buried him the next day in the bush without even a coffin or anything to cover him with. May his soul rest in eternal peace always. AMEN.

Last year, again at night, me and my other friend were bitten by a rabies infected dog. It was in the middle of the night when it came. Thank God Speter came the next day just when we needed him most. He saved our lives through your financial support. And saved many kid’s lives too by having a medical clinic in our city. May God bless you mom and Speter.