The kids are always fighting, usually over food. If one gets a chance of getting food; it always becomes a fight in order to get just a little bite. It occurs because the young street kids fall victim to the older ones. The older kids use violence to get what they want.

Many kids fight under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some have become addicts because of the kind of life they are living in. They say that they use drugs to make them feel free and erase the bad memories they have, and that if they take drugs, they feel as if they have eaten and can thus go longer without food.

Dear mom, These kids fight way too much. I finally got them to stop after a lot of trouble. The most reason why they fight is over food. The first time was when I took to them the food you bought for them. Immediately as I reached them with food, these kids just ran out of control and became like hyenas. Really I couldn’t control them on food but I realized the small ones were getting nothing because the big ones were not allowing them even to eat, so I reacted to them and slapped one so they know that I was serious, and made them all to divide the food peacefully.

Another terrible fight was over a sweater and bed sheet which I gave to the kid who was operated on, because he had to keep himself warm as it was directed by the Doctor. You know these street kids are growing up in a lot of pain such as people being chased from wherever they go, not ever being shown any love, so there is little or even no kind thing in there hearts. The result is that some of them steal, I mean pickpocketing and so it is very hard to make them love each other,

So these guys never had any kind feeling to the sick boy, so they wanted to remove the sweater and the bed sheet from the sick boy so that they go and sell, so that they get what to eat. Other ones said no. The first group tried to use force but still these ones said no, so a terrible fight occurred immediately. Both of these groups injured each other and the next day I came in and gathered all these kids to talked to them. I counseled  them, and told them to love each other and learn to care and protect each other. Since then no fight report again.