• To have a place to call home; a shelter, like others have, a mattress and bed sheets to use at night.
  • To have an education like other kids since here in Uganda, there are not jobs for illiterates. To get even simple work to support themselves financially.
  • To have even just a simple money-making project which can help them generate income for themselves.
  • To be treated equally like others, because even in God’s eyes we are all the same. But not to be seen as a disadvantage in the society.
  • To have someone stand up for them… to fight for their rights.
  • To have hope of a bright and good future someday.
  • To be loved, cared for and cherished by some people.
  • To have someone whom they can call mom or dad and whom they can turn to whenever they have any problem or feel blue, and above all, someone who will love them unconditionally.
  • To have enough food to eat and clean water to drink.
  • To have someone to guide and protect them always.
  • To have good medical care whenever they fall sick and someone to take care of them when they are sick.
  • To have good clothes & shoes instead of the rags they always wear.
  • To have counseling and guidance.
  • To have equal opportunities, empowerment and economic prosperity.

They want to live to their full potential and have their dreams and aspirations fulfilled.

Because of the kind of life they are in, they always wish to die rather than live, and they always curse life and regret why they were born to suffer. Let us work together to help them on any one of these issues. This will encourage them to want to live …..for then they will have hope.

I want to be treated at clinic because I don’t want to die.Hasan

I want a mother to love me and teach me what is right and wrongOkiria Peter

I want food because im very hungry even now and I have taken now 4 days without eating.Eletu Peter

I want where to sleep im tired of sleeping on streets its very cold yet I have asma.Adopa Mike

I want clothes my clothes are very old and dirty.Nakwasi Ian

To be pastors (Emma, Moses)

To have parents again in life. (all the kids)

To be doctors and pilots. (Rita,Sharon and Joel)

To be president so they can stop child abuse. (Erisa)

I would like to thank mum Jane for having brought Pastor Julius onto us, we love him so much for what he is doing for us and may he continue doing so for I know it is going to build a very strong bond between us and Jesus Christ in the rest of our lives.

Their Prayers

I always pray to God so that he my find for us a batter place to live, for us to overcome mistreatments and problems like rape because this always happens onto us on the streets where we do not have good protection.Suzan

I James an HIV/AIDS street kid, I pray that may the lord heal me and wipe my tears so that I can become a street kids pastor like pastor Julius. I like the way he treats us so much that is why I also want to become like him so that I can do the same to the multiplying number of street kids knowing Jesus.James

Oh God help and find for us a way so that we can also get some clothes so that we can stop moving naked in the name of our lord Jesus Christ so that we can glorify Your name in future!

God, it’s you who keeps us on the streets and I believe you’re going to do something for us so that we can become wonderful creatures in this world.

God you’re the one who created us, see we do not have food to eat…..please help and find for us the way so that we can get food for our survival to praise and honor your name

Diseases have killed many of our friends just because we lack medical assistance, please God help and get for us the way so that we can be healed and serve you in the rest of our lives.

I would like God to change my life so that I can become an international street kids ministry preacher.Solomon

We need bibles so that we can learn and know more about you God, for you gave us Pastor Julius who is helping us know how to read and write but there is no way how we can get them.

Most of us have talents like playing football, netball, drama and many more but we do not have a chance to develop our talent…..please God help and find for us a way for that, so that we can be happy with our life in future.