Dear Mom,
Most kids sleep wherever night finds them i.e. dustbins, on the streets, under trees and dark corners of streets. Very many of them sleep in just one small place without any mattress, mat or even just a bed sheet to cover themselves at night. It is worst when it rains at night because they will have nothing to cover or warm themselves. Some of them have asthma due to constant coldness.

Mosquitoes are another problem they always face at night, since they don’t have mosquito nets, repellents, etc. Most street kids die due to malaria and asthma coughing, because no one will treat or feed them when they are sick. If they go to the hospital, they are always neglected and not given treatment.

Bududa street is the coldest of all streets i have ever spent a night. Its coz its surrounded by many rocks and big trees..i cant even sleep mom. Most likely im gona have a serious malaria coz i have even been bitten by mosquitoes. One of the kids has just been crying the whole night.  Life is hard here mom.

hullo mom, how are you doing ?i hope you are fine and busy with your work…….

well am also busy with my work everyday going on streets–thats my  business– looking for those who are missing and telling those who are responsible for keeping the little ones, to do their job. We are a family. We are so busy seeing them everyday and gathering on sunday for prayers.

They sleep on verandas and when too much rain comes they have nowhere to hide just only in the water pipes and when the water pipes get filled with water they come out and go back on streets to stand in any shade. Coz at night all the toilets where they hide mostly, when there is too much rain are always closed. At night rain mostly causes a lot of them to get sick. There is so much still water where mosquitoes gather a lot . What i have seen common in the little ones is when one gets sick even another will have to get sick.

Mother I still have a dream of getting them a place to sleep coz i have seen more

trouble which are going on on streets at night. I am still praying God respond me about getting them off streets at night.  thanks nick


Almost immediately a wonderful lady named Margaret opened her house for the Nick’s Jinja kids to sleep. The cost is $85 per month and about 200 kids sleep there every night. God answered Nick’s prayers so quickly! After a year we had to give the place up because we did not have the $85/month any longer.

My Name is Aluda Titus.  I was born January 18th, 1990. When I was12 years old, I lost my beloved father, and my mother got lost from that time. Due to lack of school fees and food, I decided to move 8 miles away from our village coming to Mbale Town to join street kids so that I can get some survival, at least food only.

So I started sleeping on the streets of Mbale under verandas. It was not easy during night because I used to sleep outside and when it was raining I used to feel a lot of coldness.

Sometimes policemen use to come and get us when we are sleeping, and they start hitting me and my friends, saying that we are thieves. Sometimes they use to carry me and throw me away from town. I was used to steal sometimes to get food when I do not see any work. But in that moment of suffering I use to pray that if God can help me, then I would also be a blessing to other street kids.

I use to take marijuana, and opium, so that I can feel good and forget my problems. I did that for 3 years. One day a man met me and shared with me about Christ, and I had to give my life to Him. So I started going for prayers in nearby church, and as I was praying, a pastor called me and asked me to tell him my problems and I explained to him. He took me to an orphanage where I met mom Jane. Mum Jane helped me to get a sponsor. Due to mistreatment by the director of the place, I left that place, and I came back to Mbale.
Titus Aluda