Most kids get kindness from true Christians and church leaders, and at times politicians. But mainly it is church leaders who give them food then old cloths but not accommodation. These kindnesses are not often, just once in a while.

My name is Rita, I’m 17 years old, this is my true story.

In 2009 in the middle of that year, It was a Sunday around 5pm when two men found me and other kids on the streets thinking and wondering how we would get food to eat that day coz many kids had spent many days without food…..They greeted us and called me privately and requested me to go and help them wash their clothes then that they would give me food which could feed 10 people……

I was very hungry and the other youngest kids too were very hungry too so when they told me that after I had washed their clothes they were going to give me food which could feed 10 people, I was happy coz I wanted to feed the youngest kids. So i accepted to go with them. They convinced me and I believed that they wouldn’t hurt me.

They gave me many clothes to wash…I washed for about 3 hours when I finished, it was now around  8pm…..i asked them to give me the food so that I would hurry up and go feed the hungry kids I had left. Instead they started laughing at me, then one grabbed me by the neck, threw me down and tore my skirt and  they started raping me. I screamed for help but none came to my rescue. Then one slapped me twice and threatened to kill me if I had continued screaming. They all raped me, broke my virginity painfully. I became very weak and bleeding seriously. It was now around 9.30pm they carried and threw me at the roadside. I was very weak and feeling much pain and could hardly say a word.

Many people passed by seeing me lying helpless but didn’t do anything. All they said was, “Look at that street kid she wants to die.” haha..haha.haa.. laughing only……Very many passed but didn’t bother to even just asked what was wrong with me they just laughed at me. At around 10.30pm Pastor Olar David was on his way back home….when he saw me. He came closer to me and asked me what was wrong with me. I couldn’t say a word coz I was too weak and in too much pain. He thought I had been knocked by a vehicle.

He first prayed for me, then called a special hire car and took me to the hospital. He spent the whole night at the hospital awake while checking and taking care of me. No one had ever done that for a street kid. I spent 6 days in the hospital and he was the one taking care of everything from day one to the 6th day. He didn’t have much money coz he is not a rich person, just a youth, but he spent all he had on me. He spent about 200,000 in total for my treatment and other expenses too. May God bless him.

When I recovered and was discharged, I asked him why he did all that for me as I didn’t expect it from any one. He told me that he too was once a street kid about 8 years ago, and really understands how hard street life is. That is why he helped me, and that he loves street kids so much like his own family.

When I was now very fine, time came for me to go back to the street, he had 40,000 and he gave me 35,000 and a Bible. He remained with only 5,000. He told me to use the money to take care of the youngest kids and emergencies.  He kept on visiting us once in awhile and praying with us on the street.

After three month, I started having abnormal pain and vomiting I called pastor Olar and explained to him. He didn’t have any money with him so he borrowed from a friend of his and took me to the hospital. They tested and found me three month pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was too young to conceive. I was 15 years by that time. I cried and cried remembering how I was raped. The thoughts that were on my mind were:.i cant even take care of myself then how am I going to take care of a baby made me cry more. Pastor Olar stood on my side counseling and preaching the gospel to me. He encouraged me to move on and have faith and strength.

Whenever I needed help, he was there for me and the youngest kids.

Time came for me to give birth but unfortunately my baby died two days after being born…it was so painful. Pastor Olar stood by my side. He has been there for me and the youngest kids in times of everything. Thanks Rita

I am Brian Wedeya and I am talented in music. I play piano and some guitar..Let me take this moment to thank everyone all over the world who are praying and caring for the street kids.

In the year 2005 when I was on the streets of Mbale I was really a thug who did all their bad habits, but there was some old woman who had no kid, and she was really poor. I really thank God that this lady showed me so much love and kindness. She would always tell me Brian, son, stop smoking and stealing and other habits, and you will be a very good boy. Can you imagine that as poor as she was she sacrificed the little she had for me.  Up to the extent of sharing with me the little food she had. I truly thank God for the lady and I pray God blesses her where she is and gives her everlasting life coz with her advice I have grown up.

In 2007 I met a merciful woman of God who has brought me up and that’s Mom Jane Snyder. She managed to change my life totally and she got me back to school and she accommodated for my life, and I pray may God bless her abundantly…. and mom please never STOP HELPING KIDS.

Brian Wedeya