World Vision estimates that between 10 to14 million children are victims of the sex trade, and another one million children enter the prostitution racket every year. Of the one million prostitutes in Thailand, eighty percent are under eighteen years of age.

At times when life worsens on streets, i.e. when girls lack food, they turn to prostitution as the only alternative for survival—though a sin to God. But they say that, ‘’When the going gets tough, you find any alternative to fight it.’’ They don’t do it as a preference, but only because the conditions force them to.

My name is Esther, I was born in 1994 in Soroti District. I lost all my parents in 2001.I was left with my grandmother as the only true relative I had to care for me but she was very poor and very old when my parents died, she was around 78 years she was the only sole guardian I had left. She tried her Best to take me back to school but unfortunately she also died in 2004 when she was 81 years. died of  cancer and due to old age..

I had to drop out of school since no one was able to pay my fees any longer. Due to desperation, there was a woman who came and took me to her home as a house girl and baby sitter but she mistreated me so much she could over work me, torture and even refused to pay me any thing at the end, thus used me just like a slave sine she knew very well that I was a total orphan whom none can defend.

As time went on, she forced me to get married when i was 13 years, to a man who was around 43 years who was even HIV positive But I denied completely since I was too young to become a house wife. When I refused to get married, she chased me out of her home. I had nowhere to go apart from going to the streets and start hustle which was so nasty. I joined street life in 2007 trying to look for possible ways of survival. Life in the street is so degrading which is not good for any kind of human being to live in.

I have been raped 2 times now by big men who always deceive me that I go and help them with domestic work but at the end they just rape me instead.

I cant explain everything im passing through but sincerely im suffering so very much. Worst of it all is coz im a girl who cant even defend myself that much.

My hopes and dreams is to go back to school and in future become a nurse so I may be able to help the needy in future. I will always pray and have faith in God in all times coz i believe he will make a ways for me someday.

I wish you the Best. God Bless and make you live longer so that you may continue helping the needy like us. Thanks Esther.

Sexual Abuse – Women Abusers

Boys have similar problems; there are women who sexually abuse them. A woman will call a street kid to help her do some simple work in order to be given food. After he has finished helping her out, the boy is seduced by the woman with promises to take the boy back to school. So due to the desperation of having a better life, some boys accept, but others refuse completely. Soon the boy will be chased just like a pig in a mosque, without even paying him for the work he did, like maybe cleaning the compound. After everything you will find that the woman got her satisfaction, and often it will be found later that she has infected the boy with HIV. The boys are at times sexually abused by others through homosexuality.

Hi mom,

I was born on April 11, 1988 and lost my parents same day and same month five years later [1993], and that’s why i don’t celebrate my birthday .

After their death,  I was then taken by my dads’ best friend. He was loving and a God fearing man. He loved me like his own. Life was actually going on well with me ,but this made his wife to dislike me. ”The devil can really use people”.  So she started mistreating me by making me the house boy’. She made me do all the house hold work up to the extend of even washing her underwear, yet all the sons and daughters were seated .  This became extreme when even her children, my brothers and sisters i grew up with, started insulting me always. Her girls even made me wash blood stains in their underwear. .

The dad developed some illness and died when i was 15 years of age. Things became much worse. They started looking at me as the most irritating thing around . Some times i could cook and they don’t even serve me any of the food,

So i resorted to going to building sites to mix concrete and some times wash neighbors latrines so as to get some money to help me.  One day a neighbor  saw how i was suffering, and he then took me up. He paid my school fees till when i finished my ”A” level [thank God for him].  I decided to leave his house because his wife was asking me to bed with her.

Mom, i now live with friends, they are also orphans like me, but the only problem is that they smoke and drink.   I am praying to God for them to come out of it.

Please mom think about helping other orphans also .I feel they should not undergo my situation. Mom i can help you find those who are in extreme suffering mom. We can put up a sound orphanage for them. Mom if you give me this chance this is the best i can do for to God. I LOVE YOU MOM .SON


Thank-you for your story you have given to me. It is so sad. It seems that all Uganda only knows abuse and exploitation. That is a terrible way to grow up.

I realize your situation is bad living with drunks. I hate alcohol. Nothing wrecks lives faster than that addiction. You tell them to choose Jesus Christ who can deliver them.  Tell them that they will go to hell serving their God of alcohol but there will be no alcohol in hell to quench their thirst.

I see that alot of your abuse revolved around women being the abuser.
Can I say I am sorry for those things they have done to you. I apologize for their terrible behavior.

You are a man now who deserves respect and I give you that.  Now I know why you care for street kids. You have survived so many degrading things.
I am proud of you.

Please remain without bitterness toward women. Forgive all who have harmed you. That is how we are the sons of God. Much love to you.   Mom