Street Kids Ministry Process for Active Blessing International Coalition Representatives

Our Premise

  • Street Kids are valued by God and Active Blessing Representatives.
  • Street kids deserve to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We do not have to take care of street kids other than teach them of Jesus and his ways. Care-giving can be done and financed by local churches if willing.
  • Christian Street Kids should serve, and not exploit others.

Active Blessing Street Kid Ministry Phase One Steps

  1. Make contact with various street kid groups. Gain their trust by bringing them something small and making no demands.
  2. Plan regular friendship visits once a week, at a time when they are free. We are simply a friend first, but later a person who will disciple them. Accept them the way they are.
  3. Always bring another person with you that you are training to replace yourself, and give the street kids a way to contact one of you for emergencies such as attacks, rapes and deaths. Remember that we are involved to be their advocates and representatives to the larger society. Introduce them to other people.
    • Ask them to forgive their abusers and at a later time address the issue of them returning home to make peace with former guardians / families etc.
  5. BAPTIZE new believers.
  6. TEACH: The Kingdom of God is serving others. The Kingdom of Satan is exploiting others. Teach them the difference in practical street ways. Make them give examples.
  7. Always show them by personal demonstration to honor the young, weak or sick by serving their needs FIRST. Get the gang leaders to operate this way, as they are the enforcers. Example: If you bring soap, you give it to the leader who passes it out starting with the youngest. (This is the opposite of the way of the streets.)
  8. Teach them to ask Jesus:
    • Where to find food every day,
    • And where to sleep safe every night.
    • Teach them to pray for the sick until they recover.
    • To send someone to teach them the bible.
    • To find someone to give regular reading lessons? (optional)
  9. Find them a church to attend. One that will treat them with respect as a brother and sister in Christ and not put religious requirements on them causing guilt when those requirements cannot be kept in street life.
  10. Raise up leadership on streets, always discipling others to do your job.

Phase Two

Mobilize your street kids to do community service projects for their community. This gives them status with govt., police, and churches. Then advertise what they have done. This promotes goodwill and raises their social status. It brings them human value as they express to others kindness and caring, instead of the fighting and exploitation. Uganda community service testimonies:

Dear Mom, This Christmas Day morning we decided to clean the community and it was a very good idea from God, mother. And i tell you we were so blessed by God and also by the community. As we went to each home and building to clean, the people were so amazed that they began to give us food. but not cooked. So i was forced to look for how we were going to cook it and celebrate our Christmas. When we finished cooking I had fed around 200 kids and i was so happy, but what pained me is that i did not have a camera to show you how happy they were.Nick

Yesterday was our first day to do voluntary work in Namasuba, and mom the local council members were very happy. We sweeped the streets of Namasuba with my kids. And what made me happy was that even the chairman joined me to sweep. We slashed the bushes and cleaned the hospital and the church members requested my kids to get a special song to sing in church on Sunday and we are working on it. The work we are doing has made many people realize that street kids are very useful to the society and this make’s me very happy. Today’s morning at 10am we did our last job and it was very wonderful because we organized a house for a very old woman of 89 and she asked the Lord to bless us abundantly. ABU is doing the most wonderful job and i believe with time everyone will know it and like it.Joy

Mom, I can’t forget the impact we created when I led 16 street kids to help in the construction of St. Patrick Catholic Church In Madera and for P.A.G Otucopi Church. Seven of us were working as helpers (helping the builders to mix mortor and getting bricks), while the other 9 fetched water for the construction. Mom, the whole community was shocked especially when they found out that the street kids were volunteers. They realized that there was an exceptional authority of Jesus in them, so they poured all sorts of gratifying words to them. The people in the community also went ahead to invite the media because they were so happy for the transformation that was occurring In the lives of the street kids and for our org. that promotes the transformation. We did this several times in different areas including cleaning public places like markets and hospitals. The community was overwhelmed for the service.Tom

On monday when i came back from Tororo I found when there was a super crusade organized by some pastors from different places. I got my street kids and we went for the crusade and attended it. This one was different because the kids attitudes were changed. They used to disturb the people praying and they go with intention of stealing from them.. But that day I was surprised when Tom, my kid from street, brought a wallet of some lady to me and told me he picked it from down on ground when people were busy praising. Checking inside, it had money, ATM card and keys, and he handed it to me with one good heart. I decided to climb up to the platform and I announced the lost property and the owner came but she was surprised to hear that it was a street kid who had picked it. These kids have always been on a wrong side, but now everyone in the community is just wondering how they came to change. Absolutely something wonderful is being done by God to change His kids through his son Jesus Christ who died for us.

When I was in Tororo, JB called and told me that our neighbor had lost a son and i told him you tell our kids to go to the funeral and render some help. He told them Stanley has said we go and help those who have lost. So the kids they helped in carrying water, looking for firewood and seats, and much things they did. They were taken as heroes by the chairman becoz of what they managed to do. They are learning to take part in the community instead of being outcasts. They are being accepted now.Stanley

My city is Busia. Every Sunday my kids clean the church before the start of prayers. They also make bracelets to sell so that they are not idle in the community.  The people like them because they are a good example of earning support by working, which makes them busy so that they are not doing things like stealing, and moving on streets getting into trouble.Mr. Rebby

Phase Three

Establish your street kid Christian leaders and let them take over under your supervision. Make sure that there is an outside adult to intervene for their emergencies and then YOU MOVE ON TO A NEW CITY OR LOCALE. Oversee and honor anyone’s call by God, to go make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.