I am a small town girl who grew up next to the public library. I would hide in the house to read books, until i had completed the whole biography section of the public library by the time I was eleven years old. I was born into a musical and business family, and i actually learned to read music before words! My family went to a Methodist Church and took me to sunday school where i mostly played the piano for their singing. I had no idea of God, as i never got past church.


When i was in a music conservatory as a music major, i met and immediately married my husband. This is when an intense search began to know if there was a God or not. I had to know. I began to explore every cult that claimed to “know God”! My judgement on whether or not they “knew God” was whether the teachings were totally just and fair for the poorest and most uneducated person to find God, as it was for the most educated… I knew that if there was a God He would be just and fair.  Every cult failed on my test because it was a “way of knowledge’.  Eventually at age 25 I found the real God from a TV show called the 700 club.


From 1975-1995 i raised a family, went to church, and taught hundreds of piano students. Then the call of God surfaced in my life. I was forty-five years old. I would spend the next twenty years caring for the work of God in the earth as i am doing still….