dance-toon-mdActive Blessing exists to help the street kids of the world. The first step to making a difference in the lives of these children is to fully understand their plight. In order to spread awareness about street kids and what can be done to help them, we have collected a series of writings for you from our current Active Blessing International Coalition Director of Street Kid Ministries – Simon Peter Okwalinga known as Speter. (or faster faster!)  Speter was a child-soldier of the LRA war and grew up on the streets of Soroti Uganda.  He joined our organization in 2010 at the age of 17 years. He has written about street kid issues on the subjects in the links below.


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The start of the street kids ministry in 2010 with 17 year old Speter.


Street Kids Speak

The chapters of this book contain real stories of real kids. It is our hope that you can enter their world for an hour, and in that hour you will begin to care enough to do something to help them. What you can do

Uganda, a country with 2.5 million orphans, and the youngest population in the world, has a street kid problem. No one has a workable solution. Our little Ugandan NGO, Active Blessing Uganda, decided to ask God what we could do for them. We are big on human resources and small on dough. Every kid in our org. was once a street kid so we were naturals for this job.

Our own estimate is that over half of these orphans live on the streets along with the abused and exploited kids from every village, who run away from the mistreatments of their abusers.

It makes for a sub-culture of uneducated, uncared for kids with no boundaries, abusers of drugs and alcohol, thieves, fighters and exploiters of children themselves, from gang leaders down to babies. That’s right, street babies. People throw away babies on the trash heaps, while a new generation of children who are the products prostitution and rape grow up in this environment.

A street kid’s life consists of getting food for himself and for any kid he helps, such as those close to death and too sick to look for food. Street kids sleep anywhere they can get shelter from the rain, with a hope of safety from abusers and thugs. They live for a little kindness from each other but most of all they live with HOPES AND DREAMS.


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