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Sowing and Reaping

It was Oct. 1991 when my daughter Paulette was killed in a car accident during a heavy rain storm.  It had never entered my mind that her 8 year old life, that held such promise, would be cut short. Much money poured into a repast account.

One of the ways we spent that money was on buying 4 copies of the Jesus film, which at that time was on reels, and shown on hung sheets in outdoor gatherings. This film was to evangelize the Kurds who at that time had no known churches.

The Kurdish population had no homeland and were pushed to the mountainous regions of  Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.
Iraq: estimates from 5.6 to 8.5 million;
Turkey: estimates from 14.3 to 20 million;
Syria: estimates from 2 to 3.6 million,
Iran: estimates from 8.2 million to 12 million;

The Kurds are culturally, historically and linguistically classified as belonging to the Iranian peoples. They now have a homeland for the first time. The Kurdish referendum in Iraq, on Sept. 25, which produced an overwhelming ‘yes’ for independence, angered Baghdad and Iraq’s neighbors Turkey and Iran, which have their own restive Kurdish minorities, and brought a rebuke from the United States and European Union, the Iraqi Kurds’ Western supporters.

I am writing this because I have recently led to Jesus a top Iraqi government official who happens to be Kurdish. This man has allowed us to preach to the Generals and barracks commanders in Iraq, with a harvest of 750 military men. The new converts then invited us to evangelize the 83 Iraqi police and military barracks. That is an opportunity that cannot be passed up.

Our AB Iraqi Director has given us 10 men with assignments to different areas and barracks, and each one needs $80 for transportation to his new job. He will evangelize, baptize, disciple and oversee his converts.

I am in need of a total of $800 for opening this harvest field.

I emphasized the Kurdish element in this story, because this man in power is a result of an investment we personally made in much pain in 1991… twenty-eight years ago. We invested in the gospel and we reaped today a harvest of opportunity in the same group we invested in.

I want you to know that whenever God gives you an opportunity to sow into His Kingdom that IT WILL BEAR FRUIT IN THE FUTURE. This does not only apply to monetary investment but into prayer investment as well. God will even use it centuries later.

In 1995-2005 I did prayer retreats for over 50 Nations that were given to me by God to carry in intercession. Today I work in these nations bringing in the harvest. At that time for each country, we prayed for Governments, Presidents, Defense Ministers and Military, the Church and for many new Souls, among many other things.  Now we reap the harvest of the prayer.

I want to encourage you to be led by the Spirit of God whether sowing or reaping, praying or giving. I want you to be doing one or the other or both … at all times.

Lest you think that this is all about me or Active Blessing, just know that it cannot be done without YOU !   Evangelize Iraq:  $800