Project Director: Alexedrene Adeke

Location: Katakwi Uganda

Mission: Care project for deaf, blind and crippled children

Funding Needed: Alex Adeke, one our ABU’s original x child-soldiers is caring for orphaned children who are deaf, blind, and crippled. There are presently 12 children ranging in age from 5-14 years. Four children are educated. We have purchased property and are building huts, latrines and a bathhouse for the children.

Julius is shown in pictures 1,2,& 4 and his story  is below.

chair eat1 eating img_1096 room


Am called David from Alex village Katakwi District.

Am blind total orphan. My parents were killed by cattle raiders who took also all our property. This left me so helpless, hopeless and futureless indeed. I was taken care of by a certain family of two old people. These old people could not afford any meal. I use to go on street and beg for some food and other help.

As I was on the street one day, I met a certain young lady when I was trying to get someone who could get me something to eat. A young lady (Alex) saw me with a stick and a cup in my hand for some coins that kind people could put in for my food. She asked me where I came from and I told her Aleles village. She was heading to Katakwi. I told her am from her village and she was so concerned. She asked me if I could take her up to where I stayed. I said yes, and we traveled to my old poor home. There she met the old grand who keeps me and she asked them a lot of things concerning my life. They told her everything and she promised me that she would come back and help me. I was happy. She left and I remained at home due to the strength she gave me.

It was in January 2009 when Alex came back to my place. When she arrived my old grands were not there and she had to wait for an hour. Later my grands came and they were very happy to meet her. She asked them to let me go with her so that she could provide me with help. These old poor grands allowed her to take me and provide me with what she can. We took some porridge for lunch and I left with her up to a place where I am with my fellow disabled kids.

In this home, this lady gives us food, lots of care and love. Now I have light of hope in this blessing home and I pray God to continue blessing the people concerned. in Jesus name—–Amen. Blessings to you all the supporters.    David Okiror


I am Nathan, 11 years old..I am a total orphan. Am deaf since I was born. My parents died of HIV/AIDS when I was still young. I was brought up by a grandmother. This old woman cannot provide my needs because she is very poor and old.. Her legs are partly paralyzed for 6 years now. I used to go on streets and beg for food and everything because this old grand could not provide me.

One day I met with a young lady in the bus park and she gave me some bananas and I kept on following behind. She could not understand what I was telling her due to language problem. She asked me some questions and my details about my life and also I was not understanding her. After that she asked me to take her where I stay with my grandmother. She met with my grandmother and she was told every thing concerning my life and how my parents died. So this young lady called Alex promised my grandmother that she could help me by God’s mercy. After some two months in 2007, she came back and bought for us some sugar. She again told us that she was to come back for the second time.

It was in 2009 January when she came and asked my grandmother to let her go with me so that she could take care of me. My grand agreed and I went with her to a certain place where I met other disabled kids in the same house. In this place we are taken care of by providing us with food, shelter, treatment and many other needs. We eat well and am happy of this all. She told us to give all the thanks and praise to God. Thank you. Nathan


I am Timothy aged 9 years. Am deaf since I was born. Am a total orphan. My parents died in a motor accident in 2004 April when I was very young. I was brought up by a certain kind man who could care for my problems since I lost my lovely parent. But due to poverty, he could not afford to make it all happen for me. I called this man “Uncle”.

By chance one afternoon in 2007 June, I was in a certain village called Usuk where I met a certain lady. I asked for her name and she told me Adeke Alex but she was not understanding what I was trying to mean at the moment. She was not getting what I was meaning, but I was asking her for food. She later understood me, and she gave me some bogoya (sweet bananas) . She still wanted to continue speaking with me but understanding one another became a problem. She asked me to take her where I was staying. I moved with her for almost one kilometer. She met the kind man who was keeping me and he told her all the story how I lost my parents and became an orphan. They talked for quite long time and she left later. She promised me that she would come back to take me somewhere.

It was in 2009 January when she came back to our place and asked to take me with her. She talked to my Uncle and later I left with her and went some where in a certain home where she was having other kids. In this place, she provides us with accommodation, food and many other human needs. In this place am free and happy because I have my fellow blind friend whom we hold each other’s hands and move.

I appreciate all the supporter of this program. God bless you all. Timothy.

Julius’ story ( Crippled )
I am Okello Julius. Am a 14 year crippled boy. I was born crippled and am a total orphan. My parents died when I was 7 years old during a cattle raiders’ attack in our district Katakwi in 1996 in the village called Auha.  My life became so difficult due to my condition because I cannot move. I just lie in one place.

So this made me to go on the street where I could beg for food and some other basic needs. Sometimes this was very difficult because there are few who can help. I would wonder if I could have a successful life in my future, like my friends. I would think about this every time I go to bed because I miss them a lot. Everyday I would sleep on the street and with such coldness, I would think the world had come to end me. I would pray everyday to God to give me another chance of happiness in my life. I try to work hard though am weak, so I can do something better.

“What makes me strong is that am happy of my life because it is God’s plan that I am like this. Again I am not the only one in such a situation, so this keeps me so strong.” There are many here like me. I am so grateful for God’s mercy on me and I keep on praying to Him for the best He has for me.

One day as I was on the street, I met a young lady who asked me why I was on the street and I had to tell her the story of my life. My story touched her and she asked me if I could go with her in some time for help, and I accepted. It was May 2007 when she came back on the same street and she got me still in the same situation. She bought me some lunch and then we had to leave for a better place. This is where I now live with my fellow disabled children.

In this place I can now eat, sleep, dress and am very grateful to God to give me this opportunity to stay alive and happy. I only would love to go to school one day, and I will achieve my dreams that my parents used to give me courage about. This is my only prayer and I know it is with God’s blessing I will make it, since I can handle a pen and can eat with my leg.

I am happy for the supporting group of the Americans who are helping the disabled children in Uganda because it is really a hard situation for us to be the same as the normal persons.  But we only feel free and relaxed with our fellows like us. God gives us the ability to do some activities like for my case, I can draw, sing and even to dance my condition.
May God bless all the hands that give for the disables in Jesus’ name —Amen
God bless you all.   Okello Julius