I am by the name Layet Irene. I am an Acholi by tribe. I came from Gulu district in a place called Ajulu Camp, and was born in 1990. I am the only child from my mothers womb and I was a child-soldier.

I was abducted by the Kony’s soldiers when i was at the age of 12, that was in 2002. i left home when other people were killed, both boys and girls were being tied up their hands with a rope following one direction. We were given heavy luggages to carry on the way to Sudan. I got so tired and i could not say anything because the moment you complain, the commander will order one soldier to kill you. The commander could order his soldiers to rape after he has chosen the more beautiful one. I was also among those who are being rape. I got problem with my abdomen and the waste for 2 weeks. I could not manage to walk. They were about to kill me but my GOD was with me.

When journey was still going on, the Commander ordered me to kill one young boy who was moving in front of me and he was so tired, he could not walk. I moved behind the soldiers with the kid. Right then, the rebels were surrounded by the UPDF. They started bulleting the rebels, and they all started running. Many people died and many were injured. From there, I got ways of escaping with the kid. The bullet never injured me and even the kid was not injured.

I saved the kid’s life. I never did anything to him not even pinching him. I took him as my real brother. We ran till we reached somewhere unknown where there was no any smoke. because where there is smoke it shows homes are near. Where we were there were no gardens where we can get what to eat, no streams of water where we can get a drink, no clear road to follow. I felt in my heart that if i was an animal, i would have eaten that boy and get satisfied. Good enough, we reached a certain cassava garden, i uprooted it and we sat and ate,

Furthermore, when we reached somewhere ahead, i saw a man digging. The man got scared of us. He thought we are the spy of Kony. We moved next to him, and he asked us, “what do you want young children? Are you looking for some one? ” Then i replied him to show the direction of Gulu from that place. He showed us the route which can take us up to our camp. We proceeded and reached a place i knew and i was too excited to see my parents and hoping they will show for me parental love, but unfortunately, i saw graves.

Not even chicken were left at home, not even a single person was there to comfort me. I ran crazy. I joined Gulu street children and I stayed for some months. Life was too difficult to me. I found my way to Mbale District where i had never reached before, and I joined the street children of Mbale, nothing happened to me badly.

One day, one of the NGO’S came to me and asked why i’m staying on Mbale street. I narrated him all my backgrounds and he felt sorry for me. He took to PCCP where i came to know Mom Jane and her team. I realized later it was not the end of my life. I sat for S.4 exams and graduated High School. I have joined a course to become a pre-school teacher. That is all about my story. Thanks, love IRENE.