My name is Okumu Lawrence.

I am 18 years old born in Gulu Town and most of my time I spent in Gulu District. My father died during the time I was taken to the bush by kony rebels. When I returned l started to steal in Gulu as street child. Being an orphan is not easy, that is why l remember the suffering when I was helpless. It has touched my heart and I remember how I was at that time.

I want to keep orphans with me, because the life I went through, I keep it in my heart. . I was a leader since my primary years. I held a post of “game and sport master” then. Later I was a vice- chairman of our Acholi group and I was a leader in the church as the treasurer. I think with that experience, God wants me to be a leader.

When I go and coach these kids of my football (soccer) team, I see that some of them have talent and they want education. I have the ability and capable understanding of these kids. As their leader I will do what they need. They like me, and if you can help them through me it will be good for them. They need your help and I know God will bless you.