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If you are interested in going to Uganda in 2012:

1. You may read introductory information here.

The costs are in the $3,000 range depending on length of stay, covering everything but local transport (motorcycle) and visa $50.

2. Complete the Application and mail to Jane . Your application will be reviewed and assignment of trip dates for you to consider will be sent with costs provided.

3. Choose your date quickly —-replying to Jane—-so the trip will not fill up without you.  The passport and immunizations requirements will then be sent, with deposit requirements.

4. Send your deposit to Jane so the air tickets can be ordered. We generally book with Ethiopian Air out of Wash. DC or New York. Let it be noted that after airline tickets have been purchased by Melchizedek’s Treasure, they are non refundable.

5. Final instructions will be sent to you.


Part I   Fill out Application Form

Part II   Pick a person from the “Meet the x Child-Soldier” page from the web-site and write a page on what spoke to you from their life.

Submit to: (Jane)

Additional Forms

Liability Release Form

Media Release


Be a Project Coordinator:

ABU is rapidly growing and looking for United States based Project Coordinators for all of the ABU Projects. If you are interested in providing support to our projects, please contact Jane Snyder at

On-going Fundraising:

Mattresses – $20
School Shoes – $15
Mosquito Nets – $5

These posters are available for you to use for fund raising: