Why I Keep Orphans

Julius Odeke Feb 12, 2008

I, Julius Odeke a Ugandan aged 18 years; a director of Soroti Orphanage and Rescue Project was born in the village Abarilala, Soroti ,Uganda. I grew up with my mum after the LRA killed my father. My mum she was a peasant, but managed to educate me up through primary level.

In year 2004, I had to stay at home because she could not take me for secondary school. Tragedies befell us when the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) attacked our village. They were abducting young kids to be sold as slaves in exchange for ammunition from other territories.

A large number of us fled away from the villages to town where we faced the worst in our lives. Nothing to eat, or drink, and nowhere to lay your head for a rest at night. It was the worst when it rains for it was not only tears to fall on my cheeks.

I had a lot of feelings for the kids who were below my age shivering after it had rained. We endured all of that while we prayed every day to God the Almighty the Giver of everything.

In 2005,I got an organization that registered me to take me back to school. I was overjoyed but had a lot of pity for my young friends who were completely illiterate.

In my spiritual daily life, I was not comfortable, because not all my friends were anchored to Jesus. And yet Jesus said that; “He who welcomes children in his house, welcomes Me too.” As it is believed, “that more blessed is the hand that gives than the one who receives.” ” He who gives to the needy awaits great rewards in heaven. ” These words in my mind inspired me to work hard for the good of others.

June 2007 the problem of floods brought victims in some parts in Uganda especially the area where I once lived. The floods devastated the crops, homes were sunk and people had nothing to eat. Diseases broke out and children died. I rented some huts with mum Jane’s help, and brought 60 flood victims and street kids for food and shelter. I next began sharing spiritual life, and taking some of these kids to school.

Another class of kids we care for are orphan street kids, and those whose parents died of AIDS. Even at the moment, they are at school, humble, and living a spiritual life, and healthy, with me the director, and Godfrey my manager.

Great thanks goes to the ministry of Active Blessing as we build the temple of God in our lives, by caring for the needy, and sharing the spirit of humility. All this is not the spirit of our own making, but the gift of God; because He helps those who care for his people.


Julius Odeke, Director

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