Why I keep Orphans

Titus Aluda Feb 24, 2008

My Name is Aluda Titus. I was born January 18th, 1990. When I was12 years old, I lost my beloved father, and my mother got lost from that time. Due to lack of school fees and food, I decided to move 8miles away from our village coming to Mbale Town to join street kids so that I can get some survival, at least food only.

So I started sleeping on the streets of Mbale under verandas. Daytime I use to help people to carry heavy things in order to get some money for survival.

It was not easy during night because I used to sleep outside and when it was raining I used to feel a lot of coldness.

Sometimes policemen use to come and get us when we are sleeping, and they start hitting me and my friends, saying that we are thieves. Sometimes they use to carry me and throw me away from town. I was used to steal sometimes to get food when I do not see any work. But in that moment of suffering I use to pray that if God can help me, then I would also be a blessing to other street kids.

I use to take marijuana, and opium, so that I can feel good and forget my problems. I did that for 3 years. One day a man met me and shared with me about Christ, and I had to give my life to Him. So I started going for prayers in nearby church, and as I was praying, a pastor called me and asked me to tell him my problems and I explained to him. He took me to an orphanage where I met mom Jane. Mum Jane helped me to get a sponsor. Due to mistreatment by the director of the place, I left that place, and I came back to Mbale.

I felt in my heart to start an orphanage. God spoke many times to me about that, so I shared with mum Jane and we prayed together while she was in the hospital taking care of patients.I got one small room house and I traveled to look for some primary children I knew. I got 1 girl and 2 boys and I added 1 girl and they become four. Now I have 8 and they stay with me in my house.

One day I organized to meet street kids in Mbale and they shared with me about their problems. So I prayed for them and shared with them the word of God. I asked them to visit my home. So they started coming to my place every evening and we still share the word of God.

Now I have 34 kids whom I feed one time a day in a new feeding program started by mum Jane, from a sponsor. I am praying that the Lord shall pave a way for the kids to live in a big house with me.

I want to help orphans and street kids because I have tasted the life of being on the street and being an orphan. My hopes and dreams are to share the love of Christ all over the world through helping orphans, if God can bless me more than what I am now. GLORY BE TO GOD. Yours, Titus Aluda.

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