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My mom died when I was one year. I was brought up with my dad and a step mom. The rebels abducted them in 2002. They were killed in front of me. I was taken in the bush. I was raped, and given luggages and to carry and guns. When  I came back, my uncles had left that place. No where I could stay.

I went in the streets. I stayed in the street until one woman got me on the streets, took me to be the house girl, but misused me; use to punish me in all ways. I ran back on the streets. One day a Crusade was in town. I went on that Crusade. I met a pastor who got a revelation about me and brought me in, to live.

I don’t know where my relatives are. I suffered a lot, but God is with me.

I was born 1989, December 20th.

Thank you.

The revelation of my project for the disabled.

Dec. 12th 2009

I am Alexadriene Adeke a 2008 S4 graduate of Manafwa Hight School and in the org. Active Blessing Uganda. I am an orphan and former child soldier. You can read my story on “Meet the Child Soldiers” ActiveBlessing.com. This is how God showed me to help the disabled kids in Katakwi Distric Uganda.

It was in 2007 when I was staying in a project called PCCP. I had many friends there who would go to visit their relatives and come back to tell me stories from there. This made me desire to go to my father’s land where I was abducted from. I did not know my village because I was very young.

One night I had a dream of a young deaf boy. He came and got me having my meal and he was trying to ask me for food but I didn’t know what he was meaning because he was using sign language. I just continued looking at what he was doing. In my dream the following day he came to my class at school but the teaching was busy. The boy was pointing at me while at the door. The teacher refused him inside. I went out of the class to meet him but still I didn’t understand him so I left him and he went away. I went back to the class but I was troubled as to why this boy was following me. This is when I woke up. I knew that God was showing me some great work to do.

I got the courage to go and find my village in Nov. 2007. I reached late at night and I was worried for where I would sleep and have my meal. So when I came out of the bus I saw the young boy standing in the same bus park as my dream. I started speaking to him but he was not responding. He was talking to me in signs only. I shared with him the supper I brought and he took me up to his home. He was staying with his grandmother as his parents were dead and he had no help.

The following day his friends came to visit me and they wanted help, just at least food because they had walked a long way looking for food. I prayed about this and I asked God to show me how to help those deaf and blind kids as He had showed me in my dream. I shared this story with our beloved mom Jane who is taking care of us for our schooling. This is the story of our beginning of the project. Thank-you, Alex

She is keeping 12 children. These are her first ones.
Nathan age 11 deaf —the boy in the dream
Jane age 7 blind
David age 14 blind
Timothy age 9 deaf
If you feel led to financially help in any capacity then

Please —let us bless her children with many blessings.
She can be reached through Melchizedekstreasure@yahoo.com

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