Hotter Than Hell I Think……SPeter’s personal story

May 23, 2010

img_22811I am 16 years old and I have been without school for two years now. I have been on streets for about five years. I come from Soroti district and am presently living in Soroti streets as I write this to you. My heart is set on becoming a doctor because when i was still at school, i used to perform well on sciences and i want to become a doctor so that i can offer free medical care for the street kids and other needy people. Why my English is a bit good is coz i used to study in good schools when my parents were still alive and they would mostly speak English with me.

Thanks very much for allowing me to call you mum. Honestly im truly very grateful and exited to have someone who to call mummy and to feel loved by you. May God Bless and reward you always. Thanks a lot dear mum…………..i will be glad if you reply me. Have a fabulous night.Muuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Speter Story

First and foremost My parents and my only brother were killed in 2003 during the LRA War . I was kidnapped by LRA REBELS. I was taken to Sudan where we had to move on foot from Uganda to Sudan. For about six months i was with them. We could eat once after every fortnight. I was able to escape narrowly by the aid of UPDF Soldiers.
After all that i was able to come back to Uganda. When I reached home, i found that home was burnt and all the crops we had grown.There wasn’t anything at all left for me. I had to begin street life coz it was the only place i could live. Honestly street life isn’t easy at all but conditions force me to.
I have one shirt and one pair of trouser which i use every day for everything since its the only one; even washing it becomes difficult and at the end i always face skin diseases.
I eat mostly once a day thats if  i’m able to get casual work like cleaning people`s toilets and gathering garbages for about ten hours. At the end i’m mostly paid a quarter of a dollar which is not even enough to buy food , but if i don’t get any work, i sleep hungry until I get work.
I always sleep where night finds me but mostly on main street corridors. I sleep on the floor without even a mat, net or bed sheet. I’m always bitten by bugs, mosquitoes etc which leads to malaria.
When it rains at night, it is the worst, coz rain will begin and end on my body .When i fall sick, there`s none to take care of me or give me food or medical care.
When i’m sick and not able to work, i’m forced to go to dustbins to look for anything eatable however dirty it might be. I just eat like that coz when your hungry and weak, you have to eat anything which tends to give me stomach pains.
I’m always beaten by other older street kids. They force me to drink their urine and to blow away mosquitoes from them when they are sleeping. When i get money, they always remove it from me by force, leaving me without anything.
Kids who have parents and homes always laugh at me that i don’t have a good future, that i’m a total orphan, that i put on torn clothes, and that i look like a pig who eats dirty food from dustbins. This always makes me feel so lost and as if God doesn’t love me compared to other kids.
Other street kids who are girls are raped, including even boys which leads to HIV/AIDS.which kills us.
It hurts when your parents die and leave you homeless, but it hurts most when you don’t have anyone who cares for you, and leaves you without a future.
I always regret why i was born and at times feel like killing my self. I always pray to God as much as i can.
All i want is to be loved, cared for as other kids, with a place to call home. I need someone who i can call Mum or Dad. I want Food, Clothes, Shelter, and Medical care when i fall sick, AND ABOVE ALL TO STUDY  and become a doctor, then if i am able to get a job, I will give half of my salary to street kids coz honestly street life is Hotter than Hell i think.

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